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Lifelong places

Without them knowing it, Xisca and Toni had been almost neighbors when they were little... They even lived on the same street! Deià and Sóller have seen each of them grow separately, and now enjoy life together. So... what a better place for their engagement session?


When we were talking about their session, Xisca and Toni told us that they wanted to go to Deià, that was clear. But, in particular, they told us that they wanted to go to a very special place for them. Especially for him... The finca where he was born and raised. We start the afternoon in a viewpoint with beautiful views of the sea of Cala Deià. and going for a walk we went to the finca and its beautiful surroundings with forests of pines and olive trees.


Here you have a selection of some of the photos of the engagement session.

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