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June 09, 2018

Love on the seashore

Since we met them we knew that this was going to be a beautiful wedding. Aitor and Natalie are a couple that gives off love wherever they go. They were clear that their wedding had to be near the sea, because they love it, so it had to be present. Therefore, the site they chose was the Nixe Palace hotel, where they could have a beautiful and emotional wedding right next to the beach.


A ceremony with the sea breeze accompanying us, the blue of the sea right next to them and the sound of the waves sounding while they were saying "yes, I do".


One of the phrases with which we loved from the wedding was the one that Aitor told Natalie in his vows: "Within a life, there are many lives, and you will be with me in each one of them." It was inevitable that we would take out a smile ...


Here you have a selection of some of the photographs of the wedding.


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